Wednesday, March 2, 2011

love is something that can touch our heart and can make us feel that we cannot live without love. we need somebody to share everything whether sad or hepi. without love, we cannot make something, because only with love, we can get spirit,attention from somebody and also peaceful. with love, it can teach us to appreciate, make sure that everybody that have special person need to appreciate each other.
love somebody because of thier heart n kindness not for their physically factors.

bg yang nak kata aq jiwang..lantak aq r..hidup xsusahkan idup sapae2 pwn..yang kata blog aq bosan, pape jelah, xpyah nak ngada2 masuk blog pantang ad owg nakckap mcm2, mcm la die 2 smpurna sngat!!!!!!!!!!!

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